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request drabble #2, kangin/kyuhyun

Rating: PG13
Pairing: Kangin/Kyuhyun
Genre: Drabble
Author Notes: For my darling incisively who requested it at my request post. ♥ I hope this is what you wanted bb!

Youngwoon stirs a little bit in sleep, waking up to a face full of sunshine that really doesn't feel as welcoming as it should. He notices that the weight beside him that was there the night before is gone and opens his eyes slowly, fingers curling in the white sheet. Rolling onto his side, his gaze lingers on the alarm; digits blinking red and he knows he slept too long. He messes up his black hair as he lazily throws his legs over the side of the bed, feet touching the wooden floor and he hunches over with his elbows on his knees. He's surprised that he's not feeling more angry with himself. He can't even count the number of times he's cheated on his girlfriend now and pinches himself to remind him that he is actually awake - but also because he wants to feel something.

A light sound of something clinking against each other reaches his ears from the kitchen and he frowns, thinking that this was unusual. They didn't usually stay after dawn broke. Forcing himself off the bed, he throws on a simple t-shirt and drags himself to the door, opening it and is met with the smell of bacon and eggs tingling his senses.

He sniffs, taking in a deep breath of something other than instant ramyeon and soup that isn't fulfilling. Moving out into the hallway, he turns a corner and stops instantly when the backside of his company from last night is standing there in his kitchen; apron draped around his neck, hair tousled and clothes haphazardly thrown on.

For a while, Youngwoon just watches, stunned and with a different feeling bubbling in his stomach. He's never had this kind of experience before, someone making breakfast in his kitchen - so how to handle it - he can't quite wrap his mind around.

When the other notices him, he blushes and mumbles a shy 'good morning' and Youngwoon thinks he feels his entire body filling with something that makes that deep, empty hole in his heart disappear a little at the sight of his brown eyes, shining.

"What'd you say your name was?" Youngwoon asks, moving over to slip his arms around the younger boy's waist and the boy freezes for a second, but soon relaxes; the fork he's using to cook poking around in the pan on the stove. "Kyuhyun," he says softly, embarrassed and Youngwoon has to fight to keep himself from kissing the boy senseless right there. "Kyuhyun," he repeats, exhaling as if a weight had just been lifted from his shoulders, "I like that name."
Tags: !request, fandom: super junior, member: kangin, member: kyuhyun, pairing: kangin/kyuhyun, rating: pg13
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